Community Outreach Ministry

Give A Child A Life-Changing
Experience This Christmas!

Learn about the different ways YOU can get involved below!

Why Your Support Matters

Children of incarcerated parents struggle with abandonment, loneliness and often feel unloved. Your support is a blessing to these children during the Christmas season and lets them know they are loved and cherished.

Your participation is giving these children hope for the future to know their community cares and is here for them all year-round!

I Would Love To Help!

● Sponsor the event with a donation of $1k / $500
● Become a collection site
● Donate hoodies for teens
● Volunteer at the 22nd Annual Angel Tree Christmas Party
● Partner with us in prayer

The Impact

From A Sponsor

As a child, my grandmother would take my brother and I to local toy drives to make our Christmas memories a bit more positive. The kindness of strangers gifting me with Christmas gifts made such an impact in my life that I knew I wanted to do the same. Now as an established business owner of Anthony’s, I finally had the opportunity to organize my own Toy Drive. Last Christmas we connected with Community Outreach Ministry at the 21st Annual Angel Tree Party and personally brought gifts and passed out toys to the children as volunteers. We cannot wait to be a part of future collaborations with Angel Tree and Community Outreach Ministry.

Jesse Camacho
Anthony’s Ristorante & Lounge

From An Angel Tree Teen

“I was little when I became a recipient of Angel Tree gifts on behalf of my incarcerated mother. I had not seen or heard from my mom since I was 3, so getting those gifts was important. Giving a child hope for the future means letting them know they are not alone or forgotten this Christmas”

Elijah O’Leary

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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