Community Outreach Ministry

Board of Directors

Bob and Mona Davies
Bob and Dr. Mona Davies

M. R. “Bob” Davies (Co-Founder)
President and Chief Executive Officer of Community Outreach Ministry. Bob has served with the ministry since inception in 2000 in Wildomar, CA. COM offers year-round Outreach, Camping, Mentoring and the Annual Angel Tree Christmas Party. Bob is a retired engineer with 35 years of Aerospace Industry with military and commercial contractors in Seattle,WA. He earned his credentials from the USA Federal Aviation Authority and Civil Aviation Authority in Europe. He is credentialed by the State of California to teach preschool through College in California. He graduated from Redlands University with a Master Degree in Management and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University.

Dr. Mona M. Davies (Co-Founder and Secretary)
She started serving children of incarcerated parents and at-risk kids and their families in 1988 in Seattle, WA. at Church By The Side of The Road where Mona was commissioned a missionary, licensed and ordained a minister of the Gospel. Her credentials are in cooperation with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies. The ministry provides humanitarian relief to needy families and targets helping children of incarcerated parents to break the cycle of incarceration and be productive members of society. Mona earned her Master of Degree in Management from Redlands University and Bachelor Degree in Business from PACE University, NYC, NY. She graduated with her Doctor of Ministry from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. Her Master of Arts Degree is in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary Pasadena, CA. Davies’ are the authors of Children’s Liberation From Incarceration Breaking Cycles New Beginnings. The ministry provides the Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration Model and Resource Lists for children impacted by parental incarceration and their families. COM empowers at-risk kids to thrive giving kids a second chance to be winners and champions.

Yolanda Burgess

Bookkeeper – with 20+ years of banking experience with Bank of America. Yolanda heads up her own Bookkeeping and Administration Service business and is trained in quick books for non-profits. Yolanda has leadership experience in Children’s church, camp counseling and mentoring. She raises scholarships through fundraisers for youth to participate at camp.

Denise Ronzello
Denise Ronzello

Board member Denise has been a Hair Stylist for 39 years and holds her license in the State of Connecticut as well as California. Denise has introduced us to local legislators who have supported this Ministry with grants, matching grants and fundraising opportunities. Denise enjoys telling others about our outreach and loves cooking for the ministry’s activities.

Norma Brunette

Board member Norma has held a real estate license since 1993 and has 18 years of banking experience. She participates in grant proposals, fundraising, operations and manning booths at events.

Norma Brunette
Marilyn K. Brown
Marilyn K. Brown

Board member Marilyn retired from the United States Air Force after 20 years of service. She worked around the world treating and medically caring for military patients as a Physician Assistant. Marilyn participates in the ministry’s: “Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration” Mentor Protege workshops, “Gearing Up for STEM” Mentor Protégé workshops and supports outreach in the community and schools.

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