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The National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated reports that more than 2.7 million children, or 1 in 28, have an incarcerated parent in the United States.  These children are often pulled into the cycle of drug abuse, violence, and crime themselves, following their parents’ footsteps on the path to incarceration.  After personally experiencing this unstable social environment themselves and recognizing the transformative power of the gospel to change their own lives, the authors decided to face this issue head-on through a study that combines qualitative research with the personal narratives of at-risk children.

Children’s liberation from Incarceration is the result of their work, providing a model for helping the children of incarcerated parents have victory over adversity through the power of the gospel.  This book captures both the children’s stories and voices while presenting methodology for community, church and government support services that divert them from the prison track.
Join the authors in their work to give at-risk children healing, growth, and resiliency through the redeeming work of Christ.

Praise for Children's Liberation from Incarceration

“I am pleased to endorse the “Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration” model and Children’s Liberation from Incarceration with support from Washington, D.C.-based Prison Fellowship International.”
Mr. Frank J. Lofaro, Chief Executive Officer

Author's Biography

Dr. Salomo-Davies has appeared on cable networks and has been recognized by U.S. dignitaries for helping children to break the cycle of incarceration .  Salomo-Davies are advocates and a voice for the voiceless children left behind by incarcerated parents.  Investing in the children’s felt needs to decrease school dropout, drugs, gang resistance and diversion from involvement in juvenile justice.  Early intervention has increased the children’s capacities to become first generation graduates, skilled workers and earning a legal salary. Her book can be purchased by clicking either book images or this link.

Children’s Liberation from Incarceration

Left to right Bob Davies, Dave Fontneau director Cops for Kids, Mona Davies and Council member Bridgette Moore

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